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What drew me to flower photography? For one thing, there's no end to learning.... improving your camera and photography skills. And I'm an artistic soul. My photos are the starting blocks for endless creative projects.

There is always a flower nearby,..even one little flower is a miracle of nature. There is no lack of subject material... no need to go chasing down gardens far away.

But most importantly...

I'm in tune with the flowers, I speak to them all the time and when I listen carefully enough, they answer. They really do! They never seem to mind my taking their picture or that I take artistic liberty with their images!

Large or small, every garden has a soul and an energy that changes me every time I visit. A garden puts me at peace and in tune with the world again.

Spending time being still. Romancing the flowers. Feeling joyously overwhelmed by the harmony between the garden and myself. Experiencing torrents of creative energy...

And leaving all of life's stresses to evaporate outside the garden gate!

In any garden of the world, I am a much better person.

Music: Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody played by Lee Chung Haing

"Nobody sees a flower really; it is so small. We haven't time,

and to see takes time - like to have a friend takes time."

- Georgia O'Keeffe (1887-1986)

  • Do you need some flower photography tips to improve your technique? Take one of my photography or photo editing classes. Fill in the box at the top of the page and get started.  
  • The Spiritual Garden... There are very few places that I feel so close to heaven as in a garden. Maybe you call that force God... or you might use a different name. To me, it's Spirit! What I know is that when I'm in a garden, that blissful energy surrounds me like a warm, fuzzy blanket. I'll share that energy with you while you visit me here.
  • Ok, so butterflies aren't flowers... but they have been called "flying flowers". No garden's complete without them.

They're quick, so "flutterography" is a bit different from flower photography... I've got tips to help you!

(Video is a super way to catch these beauties.)

Why not grow a “butterfly friendly” garden or visit a butterfly conservatory to catch these flying flowers on camera!

Butterfly photos are fun to edit with textures and frames, like this Scarlet Mormon!

  • The Digital Darkroom is the virtual space I love to be in! If you're l nervous about editing your photos, let me help! I was born in the days of the typewriter and I sweated every time I fired up a computer.  So, if this gal can do it, you can, too!
  • Video has definitely arrived... if you have a website or a blog, it's a must. Maybe you've got a channel on You Tube or Vimeo. It's fun andt it takes a bit of practice. I got a Canon consumer video camera and what a blast. It goes with me to all the gardens I visit and I just learn as I go along.
  • Every month I post a cool new flower and garden wallpaper to decorate your monitor. Drop around to the wallpaper page and download a new one! And I've got many more computer ideas so you can put your flower photography to use.
  • You'll discover some of the most incredible international Botanical gardens right here! I'll show and tell you about some fabulous gardens and give you the opportunity to share your favorite botanical gardens with us.
focus-on-flower-photography lotus blossom monochrome
  • You might think film photography has gone the way of the dinosaurs, but you'd be wrong! Film is still popular and it marries up nicely with the digital darkroom. I still love film photography... I shoot slides and then scan them.
  • Black and white photography is so cool... and very classy! Need some advice about turning a colourful world into monochrome?

  • Garden Tours... if you love to travel and you want to learn how to improve your flower and garden photography, my international garden tours are for you! Join me and a small group of photographers for a travelography experience in a far-away garden!
  • Flowers have a language all their own! On most pages you'll come across some flower symbolism to learn a little something about  each of the flowers. Some good ideas if you want to create a bouquet with a special meaning!
  • You can also try your hand at some photo crafts. There's not much point in taking all these gorgeous flower and garden images if you can't show off your flower photography.

My goal is to help you with your photography skills and hopefully, coax you into looking at garden and flower photography through new eyes. 

So let me know if there's something you love here or something that's missing. 

You'll find my favourite things sprinkled through my site. I only recommend what I love and what's served me well.

There's a Comments Section at the bottom of every page. Leave me your thoughts on how to make my website even better!

Just one more thing; please share this site with other flower photography enthusiasts!

 Thanks so much!

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Flower wallpaper crimson and gold coreopsis and raindrops

Here's your new free flower wallpaper.  Click on the picture to get to the download page.

Beautiful and delicate coreopsis with raindrops. The colours of autumn. 

Autumn gold coreopsis and texture smartphone flower wallpaper

Need a splash of flower therapy on your smart
phone - here's one for you!

Autumn golden hues - coreopsis with textures for your smart phone.

Enjoy one or both!

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